Sample Aviation Research Paper on New Aircraft or Used

Air transport is becoming more reliable and relatively fast in reaching various destinations around the world. Most of the aviation companies are concentration on methods of improving their control in the market as well as their profitability. To achieve this, most of them want to purchase the new models that they consider more efficient and cost friendly. However, Delta has opted to purchase more of the old model aircraft including Boeing 717.

Advantages of New Airplanes

New planes can be customized according to the liking of the buyer thereby making the airplane more convenient and suitable to meet his needs. Additionally, new planes often have full integrated glass systems that have a complete glass cockpit system which helps to fly over short and long distances cruising over high speed (AvBuyer n.p). Moreover, new planes have full warranty that subject them to free servicing in case of any irregularity within a given time frame after purchase. This reduces the average maintenance costs and enabling the aviation company to concentrate in maximizing their profitability and offering exceptional flight experience to their clients. A new plane has more flight hours and can fly at the best speed as its systems are optimum in their functions thereby low maintenance cost (Eriksen n.p). Moreover, I increases the efficiency of the auto pilot as they have an inbuilt modern aviation system that do not require manual upgrade.

Disadvantages of New Aircrafts

However, new airplanes are more expensive compared to the used ones thereby discouraging low investors from buying the product. They may also have a high initial outlay of needed assets and lines of credit that can be too much costly (AvBuyer n.p). The initial operator may have to stick with the outdated plane equipment after the end of the warranty.

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