Sample Aviation Research Paper on Ethics Statement

Ethics Statement

            The ethics statement reviewed is for Delta Airlines, the second biggest airline in the world. The most interesting portion of the ethics statement is the safety and compliance section, which gives the position of the airline with regards to the safety of the employees and the passengers. In addition to the safety of the stakeholders of the corporation, it is also concerned about the environmental impacts of the activities of the company. This consideration of the carbon footprint of the company in the safety section of the code of ethics makes the airline stand out. The safety efforts of this company and its competitors have paid off, as the number of accidents and casualties associated with airlines has drastically dropped (Jansen, 2018). The year 2017 was a highlight in the safety of this airline, as there were zero casualties and accidents. This was very significant, as it was witnessed with all the American airlines.

            The high levels of safety have been made possible by the creative efforts made by this company to keep the employees and customers informed regarding the safety measures and practices of the airline. Given the likelihood of the passengers to shy away from reading the safety code of the airline from their publications, they are treated to short videos that inform them of what is expected of them by the airline in varying circumstances (Weiss, 2015). The feedback from the customers so far has been a good one. This company has also taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint on the environment (Morrow, 2015). The measures taken include carrying just enough fuel to reduce the weight of the plane and the amount of fuel needed during the flight, streamlining the routes to ensure that the most efficient paths are used, use of ground power to stop the emissions from auxiliary engines and optimized profile descents that use the least fuel (Morrow, 2015).


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