Sample Aviation Research On Hewa Bora Airways Flight 952

Homework Question on Hewa Bora Airways Flight 952

The Case (Hewa Bora Airways Flight 952) The Fact (Pilot error)

Evaluate the human factors contributing to incidents/accidents

The assignment is to research the aviation accident you have been allocated as a case study and to

  1. Evaluate the human factors and errors which contributed to the accident.

2.Identify and evaluate the relevant findings of the official investigation which enable us to understand Human Factors better

3.Identify the key aspects of Industry Learnings that have arisen from the circumstances of the accident and the subsequent official accident investigation.

Homework Answer on Hewa Bora Airways Flight 952

Hewa Bora airways flight 952 was a passenger flight which crashed at Bangoka international airport when the Pilot was trying to land safely at a time when the weather conditions in and around the airport were bad. The accident casualty was seventy-four out of the one hundred and eight people onboard dead with others sustaining fatal injuries (Notable recent African air disasters’ 2012, 34). The aircraft which crashed was a Boeing 727-30, registration 9Q-COP with a manufactures serial number of 18933.The aircraft left Ndjili airport in Kinshasa and was to land at Bangoka international airport. The aircraft crashed two hundred metres to Bangoka airport as a result of bad weather that had characterized major parts of the city that day. Boeing 727-30 had been previously owned by other companies, for instance Condor, Jet aviation, Jatayu airlines before it was acquired by the government of Benin and later on sold to Hewa Bora Airways.The loss of more than seventy people when a Boeing 727 operated by Hewa Bora Airways crashed in Kisangani in 2011 led to the revocation of the company’slicense. (Rivers, 2015, 42). This essay analyzes the Hewa Bora airways flight 952 by briefly giving a summary of the facts of the accident, aspects arising out of human principles which led to the accident, relevant investigation results which enable us to understand human factors better, industry learning so as to understand human factors from this case.

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Summary of Facts of the case

The accident occurred at about 15:00 local time when the aircraft attempted to land in Bangoka international airport Kisangani (Africa/Middle East Report’ 2008 18). At that time the weather was not good for landing because the airport was characterized by heavy rain and thunderstorms which interfered with visibility. A total of one hundred and twelve passengers were onboard together with six crew members. Reports confirmed from numerous sources confirmed that seventy-four people were killed and forty four survived.Reports from the company that owned the aircraft confirmed that some passengers used tickets belonging to other people and thus it was difficult to arrive at the exact figure of the fatalities. Later own it was established that five victims were not included in the planes manifest because some people were using tickets which had been registered under different names.The aircraft had previously operated in the democratic republic of Congo under Swaziland registration back in 2004 before the registration was cancelled in 2005.