Sample Aviation Questions On Federal Regulation Agency

Homework Question on Federal Regulation Agency

  1. What are the three types of enforcement actions that the FAA may take against an airman?
  2. What is the difference between an “administrative” and “legal” enforcement action?
  3. What is the name of the system the FAA inspector’s use in determining the appropriate action for those suspected of violating FARs?
  4. In order to determine if you were involved in an accident, which federal regulation would you review?
  5. The FAA relies primarily on two orders regarding enforcement and compliance procedures – what are they?
  6. Notices of Proposed Certificate Action refer to what type of enforcement action?
  7. FAA inspectors substantiate their “findings” and document their actions in something called an EIR. What does the acronym “EIR” stand for?
  8. The FAA uses an EDP worksheet to determine what?
  9. If you appeal the FAA’s determination regarding a legal enforcement action, what type of judge will hear your case? Who is the judge employed by? Will there be a jury?
  10. If you do not prevail in the underlying case who do your first appeal to? What if you fail to prevail on the first appeal?

Homework Answer on Federal Regulation Agency

The three enforcement actions commonly used by the FAA are the administrative action, certificate action, and criminal action known as legal action.

Administrative action is employed when the nature of the case is minor, and can be settled by the management while legal action entails resolution of the case in courts of law.

The system utilized is known as the Enforcement Decision Tool (EDT).

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The federal regulation agency, which is responsible for the determination of accident occurrences, is called National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB). The board functions independently and is responsible for conducting investigations to all civil aviation accidents in the United States.

The two orders, which govern the enforcement actions, are the internal administrative orders and the statutes found in the FAA act.