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Homework Question on Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration

  • Discuss the reasons for creating the Department of Transportation and the role of the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Please conduct research beyond internet by providing a summary on the topic listed.
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  • The summary should be approximately 250-300 words
  • Include at least one reference citation (in APA format).

Homework Answer on Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration

Reasons for creating the Department of Transportation

Before the department of transportation (DOT) was created, its functions were being carried out by the Secretary of Commerce responsible for transportation. This would help the department do a better job being part of an executive department that consisted of other transport related government programs. The decision was thought to go along way into securing better and informed transportation policy development.

This meant that DOT was mandated to develop the transportation infrastructure by undertaking plans that enhances vehicle, ship and plane movement in the United States (Plant, 2007). They build new road networks, provide funds for road use to the lower levels of government and also regulated the commercial airlines as well as airports in an effort to boost passenger’s security and safety.

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Role of the Federal Aviation Administration

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is an agency of the U.S Department of Transportation that is charged with the mandate of regulating and acting as an oversight for civil aviation industry within the United States and also development and operation of national space system thus ensuring the safety of the civil aviation (Canavan,2002). The authority has various responsibilities including regulating the civil aviation with the intent of  promoting safety of the U.S, encouraging the development of new aviation technology and civil aeronautics, as well as the development of air traffic controls and navigations for both the military aircraft and the civil aircrafts.