Sample Aviation Paper on the Responsibilities of the Director of Safety in an Aviation Organization

Discussion questions

1-Briefly discuss two (2) or more factors that you learned for the first time, or factors that surprised you, or changed your mind about certain aspects of aircraft safety or maintenance after watching this video?   

The most surprising thing in the maintenance process of the booing 747-400 where by the entire plane is stripped down into parts and checked out for any defects. The airplane has to be overhauled in 30 working hours by a team of 200 engineers on the ground. The job has to be completed in time to avoid any kind of losses in the process. The second aspect is the number of parts that have to be overhauled to make the maintenance process complete. There are over 12000 that have to completely put apart to look for any kind of defect and enhance all the part.

2-Briefly explain the responsibilities of the Director of Safety in an aviation organization

They coordinate and direct the safety and health process in the aviation field. Therefore they check out that all the health and the risk that may occur in the firm are avoided to ensure that all the activities in the firm are within the safety limits.  Furthermore, the health and safety director ensure that they keep the board of directors informed on the health and safety issues of the aviation organization. Finally, they ensure that all the equipment and tools need to maintain safety of the organization are available.

List AND describe a minimum of five (5) required checks covered in this video.

Engine check: the engine has to be checked for any defects.

Door check: This is done through the inflation of the door balloons.

Escape shoot test: This is done by folding the material back into it shape

Cabin test this is done by pressurizing it to ensure that they have the same pressure as the atmospheric pressure

Wing test: this is done by ensuring that there is no any hole or crack on the wing.

4-What is meant by “foreign object debris/damage” (FOD)?  What are some of the ways that FOD gets on the ramp and how do you prevent damage to aircraft and equipment from FOD? 

FOD are the small stones and objects that get into the aircraft through cracks on the aircraft. We avoid the damage by removing all the debris that are found on the aircraft.

5-List a minimum of five (5) common CAUSAL FACTORS in ground damage events. 

Omission, Action, condition, incident or a combination of all the four

6-What are the reasons to ensure that ground damage does not occur?  Or why should we put training programs and other safety measures together to reduce ground damage.  Discuss a minimum of two (2) reasons

The first reason is to ensure safe flight of the plane when it takes off from the ground. Secondly it also makes sure that the plane last longer and there is low maintenance cost.

7-In your won words, describe what is meant by “aircraft ground damage” as defined by Airlines for America or the FAA.  AND Describe an example of such an occurrence

This is the damage that aircraft personnel cause on the plane while working on it while at the ground. Such an occurrence is when a plane gets damaged at a maintenance facility.

8-It is expected and required under the regulations that the Director of Safety possess a clear understanding of which of the following items?  Check all that Apply.  [4-points]

Select one:

Company Safety Procedures

9-Briefly discuss five (5) methods or general recommendations for the prevention of aircraft ground damage 

Regular maintenance

Detect all the structural defects

Coming up with a safety management program

Reporting all the sensitive issues

Looking at the pressure in the aircraft

10- As a pilot or manager, what concerns do you have with the maintenance personal or maintenance operations in your company?  In other words, what should you be really paying attention to or checking on to ensure that your aircraft are properly maintained and are safe to operate?  Please explain in detail

The main point that I would recommend the maintenance team is to ensure that all the parts in the plane are checked out. This is to ensure that there is no any defect that goes unnoticed.

11-What is a “Materials Safety Data Sheet? (MSDS)?  How is an MSDS used and why is it important to have one in an aviation operation?

This is a list of all the defect and damage that a product may have. It further details all the action and the first aid process that one should use in case the harm occurs. It is important in aviation to ensure that all the accidents and hazards that occur are handling carefully.

12- What are the four (4) most common causes of aircraft ground damage as outlined in the book? 

Failure to report the damage

Undetected damage

Failure of the machines and the control system

Human failure

13- Explain what is meant by “Lockout/Tagout” How is it used and for what purposes? 

The lock out is a safety procedure where a big machines is shutoff during maintenance. This ensure that the equipment does not come on again prior the maintenance completion.