Sample Aviation Paper On The Modern Trends in Aircraft Hydraulic System

Homework Question on The Modern Trends in Aircraft Hydraulic System

You are required to research on the Aircraft Hydraulic System and submit a paper on the topic

 “The modern trends in aircraft Hydraulic system”

Please note the following:

You are not required to give the basic details of the system . Instead look for the latest developments in aircraft Hydraulic  system and explain the same in your paper.

Your research will be supported with examples from current commercial aeroplanes in operation with major airlines of the world.

Homework Answer on The Modern Trends in Aircraft Hydraulic System


Recent developments in technology have resulted in new approaches being used in the aircraft hydraulic system. As observed by Mears (2013), the aircraft hydraulic system and flight control technologies is progressing systematically. Since time immemorial, hydraulic systems are being used in the aircraft to aid the movement and actuation of its landing gears, brakes, as well as flaps. For largeraircrafts, hydraulic system also usesthrust reversers, spoilers, as well as flight control among others. Nozari (2012) asserted that hydraulics is used on aircraft simply because of its ability to transmit high pressure by using only small volume of fluid.

The principles of hydraulic system

The term hydraulic is derived from the Greek word for water implying that it uses fluid to transmit pressure or force. The basic hydraulic system uses Pascal’s principle of transmission of pressure in fluids which states that when pressure is exerted anywherein a confined incompressible fluid it is equally transmitted to all other directions in such a manner that the pressure ratio remains unchanged –  this is the principle used in aircraft hydraulic systems. According to You-Guan et al (2011), the very reason why hydraulics is consistently used in aircraft relies on its ability to use small volume of fluid to transmit very high pressure or force.

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Modern trends in aircraft hydraulic systems

A lot of changes and developments have been made in the aircraft hydraulic system over the past few decades due to the increased advancement in technology. Even though it uses the same principle, the modern approach to aircraft hydraulic system has drastically changed and improved leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness. New technologies are currently being applied in the modern flight control and aircraft hydraulic systems.