Sample Aviation Paper On Reusing Rocket Launch Vehicles and Boosters

Homework Question on Rocket Launch Vehicles and Boosters

Part 1 – Videos

Watch this futuristic video – Falcon Heavy | Flight Animation: SpaceX

Select this link to watch the follow videos: Reusable Rockets Signal New Era for Embry-Riddle Students

Historical Landing of Falcon First Stage at Landing Zone 1 – (01:44)

Historical Rocket Landing – (03:14)

Part 2 – Discussion

With advancements in technology, many in the industry are looking for ways to leverage technology for cost benefits.

For this week’s discussion, discuss the significant strides made in reusing launch vehicles and boosters.

From a system safety perspective, what are the advantages and disadvantages to reusing space vehicles and subsystems such as boosters? Back up your answers with provided and 1-2 other sources.

Homework Answer on Rocket Launch Vehicles and Boosters

The capacity of humankind to develop equipment for space exploration in 20th century has been one of the greatest achievements ever in the history of their existence. The crown of these efforts is built on the rocket technology that made exploration of outer space more realistic especially in launch of satellites and space travel. It however did not just come without its challenges and here we digress the most paramount.

Since inception, the difficulty of reusability of the launch vehicles and booster systems cannot be overlooked especially owing to the fact that these systems consume time and great costs to build. Of course it is a concern to every business person to find ways of minimizing their business operation costs and maximize profits and any effort leading to such a direction is a commendable step in this field too.

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Although there has not been a totally reusable launching system and its accessories, there is much hope backed up by the research going on. This is demonstrated first by the spirit of adventure in the movie industry. In  circulation are movies clearly showing the success of such advancement of technology which by its own, it is a manifestation of the dream coming true (Falcon Heavy Flight Animation Jan, 2015).