Sample Aviation Paper On Organizational Culture and Crash Lab

Homework Question on Organizational Culture and Crash Lab

Answer the following questions ONE BY ONE:

  1. Can management or organizational culture actually cause a mishap? If this is true, then provide examples of “paper trails” an investigator would need to examine that would support this alleged causation or influence to an accident.
  2. Crash Lab Observations: Was the accident site consolidated into a localized area and were all the parts of the plane there, as best as you can tell? It may help to include a brief introduction of your work.

Homework Answer on Organizational Culture and Crash Lab

There is a possibility that organizational culture or management can cause a mishap. This might happen regardless of the fact that the Pilot in Command (PIC) has control over the flight operation. The PIC attitude can influence the decisions he makes in cases of mishap. The attitude can drive them to trace through the organizational culture (Black, 2003). If the organization has a culture of poor management, then the attitude of the PIC may drive them into causing an accident. On the other hand, if the organization does not care about what the employees are doing, then they cannot control what they do.

During an accident, it is the role of the management to ensure that the accident site is properly consolidated into a region that is localized (Papa, 2008). This gives them a chance to understand why the plane crashed. However, when management is poor, the possibility of the accident site being consolidated becomes minimal (Bligh, 2006). It means that they will not have a clear understanding of the main causes of the accident. There is a possibility that another accident can happen again in the organization if the management cannot understand the root cause of one flight crashing.

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When the management is aware of everything that caused the accident, they will identify whether all the plane parts were collected or not. However, this cannot be easy unless there is a person at the site of the accident that is controlling the situation while monitoring on the police investigations (McGuire, 2003). The company engineer also needs to be present to validate the fact that all the plane parts were collected after the plane crashed.