Sample Aviation Paper On interaction of the human with flight ValuJet 592

Homework Question on interaction of the human with flight  ValuJet 592

  • The paper has to be 6 pages.
  • 2 pages at least has to be about how the human factor involved in this accident and how it affected the accident because the name of the class is Physiology and Human Factors of Flight, so we are going to focus on the human factor in this accident beside the description of the accident and what happened.
  • The introduction will be just one page and another one for the flight information.
  • Also the sources that I want are 6 one of them from the book:
  • If you can(Campbell, R & Bragshaw, M, (2002) Human Performance and Limitations in Aviation, 3rd Edition, Malden, MA. Blackwell Science. ISBN: 0-632-05965-6 ),
  • The other one has to be from,
  • You can choose the rest of the sources.
  • This video will help you to understand the accident:
  • Finally here is the description of the class so you might have clear idea about what I need in this paper (Physiology and Human Factors of A study of the interaction of the human with flight and those Human Factors that affect flight operations).

Homework Answer on interaction of the human with flight ValuJet 592

On May 11, 1996, at 14.13 in the afternoon, a Douglas DC-9-32 crashed into the Everglades about 10 minutes after takeoff from Miami international Airport (MIA), Miami, Florida (Fishman, 2009). The airplane, N904VJ, was being operated by ValuJet Airlines Inc., as flight 592 (Fishman, 2009). The crash killed everyone on board; two pilots, three flight attendants, and 105 passengers (Fishman, 2009). Flight 592 had been scheduled to depart Miami international Airport for Atlanta at 13.00p.m.

Thedeparture time was delayed due to some minor electrical repairs done to the aircraft.Mechanics in Miami fixed the public address system but the auto pilot problem was to be fixed later on after the flight. It was an inconvenience to fly without the autopilot but it was totally safe.The cruising flight was to be flight level 350, with an estimated flight time of 1 hour 32 minutes to Atlanta (Mathews et al., 2000).

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The ValuJet DC-9 weight and balance and performance form completed by the flight crew for the flight to Atlanta indicated that the airplane was loaded with 4109 pounds of cargo (baggage, mail, and company owned material) (Mathews et al., 2000). The company owned material consisted of two main tires and wheels, a nose tire and a wheel, and five boxes that were described as ‘Oxy Canisters-Empty.’The ramp agent who loaded the company owned material (COMAT) into the cargo compartment stated that within 5 minutes of loading the company owned material the cargo door was closed.