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Homework Question on Importance of Commercial Aviation

Answer the following 4 questions provide in-depth details.

Please number the questions but it not necessary to retype the question since I require a paragraph of detailed unique content per question.Questions are as follows:

  1.  Discuss the importance commercial aviation plays in the overall transportation system. Include in your discussion the purpose of the NPIAS and their 3 levels of needs.
  2. You are the airport director for a commercial services airport and are making a presentation to a local community round table meeting. You were asked to discuss the various facilities available to passengers who go through your airport. You have decided to follow a passenger from once they enter the airport boundary until they are airborne discussing the different facilities available to them. Consider all the facilities within the landslide, terminal and air side areas
  3.  You have been invited to speak at a national convention of airport directors. Your topic is the importance of an effective public relations program at a commercial services airport. In your presentation, you should discuss the various players they deal with, the principles and objectives of an effective public relations program.
  4.  You are an airport director of a commercial services airport and have been requested to speak at a Congressional sub-committee meeting on security. They have requested that you provide an overview of what airport security is, the security areas that are used at an airport, equipment used and the process a passenger may go through when departing an airport

Homework Answer on Importance of Commercial Aviation

Commercial aviation is important in the overall transportation system as it plays a critical role in the success, strength and growth of aviation industry and economy (Wensveen and Wells 42). Experts have established that this is because it aids in the transportation of goods, services and people from one place to another for the ultimate success of the industry and economic growth and development (Wensveen and Wells 45).

National Plan of Integrated Airport System (NPIAS) has been at the forefront in identifying existing airports and those that have been proposed. This has been critical in aiding national air transportation in addition to ensuring funding to the industry. Aviation sector requires funding in order to provide and improve services and thus NPIAS will assist in fulfilling services, infrastructural development and standards needs of airports and the entire aviation system.

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Airport system maintenance practices such as repaving airports and routine repair and replacement of airport lights place critical role in promoting commercial aviation. It improves airport security, accessibility and capacity. This is further improved by upgrading of various airport systems including runaways to meet current airport national and international standards.