Sample Aviation Paper On Government Oversight and Insight

Homework Question on Government Oversight and Insight

It is standard practice for the government to procure the contractor support services to fulfill system safety requirements. Adequate program evaluation becomes essential. Refer to this manual:

  •  FAA System Safety Handbook (Uploaded file)
  • Chapter 6: System Safety Guidelines for Contracting, December 30, 2000
  • Section 6.4 Managing Contractor System Safety (Contract Oversight) page 6-24
  • Describe the merits of Government oversight opposed to insight in a system safety evaluation.
  • Which do you think is better and why?

                Homework Answer on Government Oversight and Insight

Government oversight is beneficial as it enables basic requirements on the designs to satisfy the established requirements by the negotiated contract. The government ensures that risks related to the level of system development are identified (FAA Advisory Circular 25.1309, 1998). Through the government’s oversight, proposed danger controls and verification are sufficient, establishment of the safety- critical interfaces and proper analysis. This is in addition to tracking of hazards and incident reporting system.

Through the government oversight, Critical design overview (CDR) takes place after the detail design has been completed and the fabrication drawings are about to be released. The government ensures that the CDR focuses on the ultimate risk controls, as they are included into the comprehensive design and authentication techniques (FAA System Safety Handbook, 2000). Assessment of the requirements are made, which ultimately leads to closure of design risks.

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This is achieved by ensuring that the contractor has presented the ultimate hazard reports with the controls included and authenticated for operational hardware and support equipment. This is only possible after all the procedures and technical orders have been completed. If this has not been met, then the contractor has to incorporate the controls and safety validation. Additionally, the government oversight compels the contractor to review the completed, verified hazard analysis forms, checklists, close out logs forms and outline of hazard analysis results, and evaluation of residual risk forms.