Sample Aviation Paper On Global Aviation Industry

Homework Question on Global Aviation Industry

  1. With Africa having the highest accident rate in the globe, do you feel ICAO is trying to implement the correct actions to solve the problem?
  2. Do you believe that updating the fleet will help with the safety record?
  3. How long will this work?
  4. What else will need to be done besides updating the fleet?
  5. What implementations would you suggest to help solve the issue?
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  • Font Size 12,
  • Double Spaced,
  • 2 Pages,
  • Be sure to cite any references used.

Homework Answer on Global Aviation Industry

The global aviation industry constitutes a fundamental component in the global economy. The industry has improved connectivity between different regions hence breaking the economic, social, and cultural barriers to economic growth. Therefore, promoting its growth is critical. Different bodies such as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) have been established in an effort to promote its growth.

One of the critical areas of focus in stimulating the industry’s growth relates to safety. Subsequently, diverse safety standards have been formulated, which have led to reduction in safety incidents (DefenceWeb par.3). However, African countries have not fully implemented the stipulated safety standard, which is evidenced by the numerous aviation safety incidents involving Western built jets on African countries.

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The ICAO has formulated additional requirements in an effort to improve the African countries capacity to strengthen their regulatory oversight and capabilities. This paper reviews the aircraft safety issues with reference to African states


The stipulations of the Abuja declaration illustrates ICAO’s commitment in improving the African country’s commitment and capacity to deal with the aviation safety problem currently being experienced in the region.