Sample Aviation Paper On Airport Air and Noise pollution

Homework Question on Air and Noise pollution

  • As you are aware, residents in the vicinity of airports often complain About the effects of aircraft operations, particularly noise and air pollution.
  • Please take one side or the other – the residents or the airport owner – and present what you think are the best policy arguments in favor of that side.
  • Take only one side, not both;
  • Treat it as a debate where you have to pick a side even if you have mixed feelings.
  • Do not analyze legal issues – Use your judgment and common sense.
  • Your answer can be a page or less – length doesn’t matter; your thinking does.
  • If you think more facts are needed (such as when a home was purchased or whether noise has increased or decreased), you can raise and assume them in your answer.

Homework Answer on Air and Noise pollution

It is true that residents of the vicinity of airports usually complain of noise and air pollution emanating from aircraft operations. This essay provides policy arguments on how noise and air pollution affects residents in the vicinity of airports.Airports are the chief source of noise and air pollution internationally. It is true that everyday aircraft operations highly contributes to local pollution and has negative impacts on the health of individuals.

Aircraft pollution equally leads to negative effects on the quality of life of residents within the vicinity of the airport.Evidently, health is a broad state of emotional, psychological, and social well-being.Noise can cause distress to one`s speech and negatively affect other forms of communication. Secondly, noise contributes to physiological stress reactions that can in turn have negative health implications. Furthermore, it can also be a key source of annoyance by disturbing relaxation, rest, and sleep.

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Other than its negative effect on the general population, noise from airport has numerous adverse impacts on children`s health and development. Children living within the vicinity of airports are most likely to have high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and reduced levels of reading comprehension. This is evident among children living in the vicinity of airports because aircraft noise has negatively affected development of memory and their ability to read.