Sample Aviation Paper on Aircraft down Damage

Aviation Answers

  1. Aircraft down damage are destructions caused by airline personnel when the aircraft is on the ground either for maintenance or on the ramp. For instance, airline personnel may temper with the lighting system of the aircraft while cleaning seats and the base of the plane. Similarly, airline personnel can cause the aircraft tires to puncture hence affecting the flight schedule because of extra repair.
  2. Lock out-tagout is an industrial procedure in which delicate or dangerous machines are safely shut off until the end of maintenance work. It is used to protect workers from risks such as electric shock, steam, heat, gravity, kinetic spring action, and hydraulic pressure in the aviation industry.
  3.  Material Safety Data Sheet is a document that outlines all the health and safety precautions about a substance, product, or chemical that are said to be dangerous. It is important in the aviation industry because the field contains substances such as jet fuel that are dangerous and could cause injury and damage to aircraft employees and machines respectively.
  4. Ground damage could cause malfunction of aircraft systems such as lighting and drainage which cause great risk to the safety of passengers and the crew. Additionally, unmanaged ground damage could render the plane unfit for flight hence causing financial losses to the airline company. Similarly, ground damage could cause delays in flights leading to dissatisfaction of airline company customers.
  5. The Director of Safety should have a clear understanding of the company safety procedures in order to give instructions during emergency situations. This is because it is the duty of a Director of Safety to ensure that all passengers and crew are safe before and during the flight to protect them from injury. Failure to understand the company safety procedures will render the Director of Safety ineffective in protecting the passengers and crew from danger during emergency situations.
  6. The Airline Company should ensure that all the aircraft personnel are adequately trained to perform their duties.

The Airline Company should make sure that all aircraft equipment have relevant and up-to-        date Material Safety Date Sheet. 

Any form ground damage should be reported and immediately address.

Airline Company should ensure that restricted areas are only accessible during service and   maintenance hours.

The Airline Company should ensure that restricted areas are only accessible to authorized aircraft personnel 

  • Human error caused by ignorance and careless of aircraft personnel.

Faulty equipment being sued to service and maintain aircraft

The lack of relevant and updated Material Safety Data Sheet which causes accidence during aircraft maintenance

Allowing unauthorized people to access restricted areas within the airport or visitors without close supervision.

  • Improper Training of aircraft maintenance personnel

Distractions to aircraft maintenance personnel

Automation and human factors

 Incompetence of aircraft maintenance personnel

Faulty aircraft maintenance and ramp equipment

  • The director of safety is obliged to train aircraft personnel and crew on safety procedures. He or she also tasked with formulating applicable safety procedures used by the company. Additionally, the Director of Safety is supposed to provide safety instructions to aircraft personnel, crew, and passengers in case of emergencies. In some airlines, Director of Safety recommends to the company the necessary safety equipment required for operations.
  • Foreign object debris is alien objects that have the potential of causing damage to an aircraft. Sources of Foreign object debris are volcanoes, bird strikes, and jettisoned items. An Aircraft and other related equipment can be protected from Foreign Object Debris by using repellent engines and airframe designs, installing adequate detection equipment, and making damage tolerance improvements on the body of the aircraft.