Sample Aviation Law Questions On Airport Administration

Homework Question on Sample Aviation Law Questions On Airport Administration

  1. Under what circumstances may an airport assess a per-passenger excise fee?
  2. What did the DOT intend to do when it authorized congestion pricing at airports?
  3. To which court may a party appeal if it is unhappy with an administrative ruling of the FAA? What standard of review will apply?
  4. Why was the restriction on aircraft categories impermissible in the City of Santa Monica v. FAA, which the total ban on passenger operations was deemed to be acceptable in Arapahoe Counter Public Airport Authority v. Centennial Express?
  5. What are the benefits to both the FAA in awarding block grants to states?

Homework Answer on Sample Aviation Law Questions On Airport Administration


The circumstances are when the airport has obtained prior permission that is granted by FAA. Second, when the owner of the airport is a public agency and when the income from the fee is to be used in the funding of the airport projects that are approved by FAA.


Congestion pricing was an amendment by DOT that to permit airport to be charging aircraft that was landing at peak time higher prices than the other off-peak periods. The DOT authorized congestion pricing in the airport with a primary intention of reducing peak-hour congestions. The department made assumptions that as a result of implementing congestion pricing policy, the departure and arrivals of airlines would be spread evenly with an aim of benefiting from low off-peak fees.

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The party that is unhappy with the decision of administrative ruling of the FAA that is composed of a neutral officer can appeal the decision of administrative officer to the Circuit Court of Appeal.  The standard of review would be an injunction to stop petitioner from exercising the rule.