Sample Aviation Essays On The Use Of Metals in Aerospace

Homework Question on The Use Of Metals in Aerospace

  • Discuss the use of metals in aviation and in the aeronautical industry.
  • This essays aim is to provide an overview over how the development of metals in aircrafts could progress in 20/30 years.
  • Essay needs to discuss these points:
  1. History of metals and metal usage in aircrafts
  2. When were metals first used in aircrafts and where
  3. What ignited the use of metals
  4. Where also are metals used
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of metals in aviation Development of metals in aviation
  6. What are the different types of metals used and where are they used in an aircraft
  7. Future speculations of how an aircraft may look like.SPECIFICALLY A SMART PART THAT CAN BE IMPROVED.
  8. Future developments of Metals, How can the development of metals in aircraft progress in 20/30 years.

Homework Answer on The Use Of Metals in Aerospace

History of metals and metal usage in aircrafts 

Aircraft manufacture, maintenance, and repair are critical and are given special attention because any slight substitution of inferior materials or a deviation from the design specification can lead to the loss of both equipment and lives of passengers and crew. As such, metals have played an integral role in the aerospace industry especially in the proper construction and maintenance of aircraft (Mendez & Eagar 2000).

It is imperative for aerospace engineers to be familiar with the most common physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of various metals, as this aids in the selection of the correct metal materials for particular manufacture, maintenance, or repair jobs. The use of metals in the aerospace industry began in 1903 with the inception of the first aircraft by the Wright brothers. At the time, timber played a role in the manufacture of aircraft but the heaviness of the resultant aircraft equipment, which did not deliver enough power to achieve take off, prompted the use of aluminum as the first metal in aircraft construction.

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However, the fact that aluminum was not widely available was a shortcoming in the use of metals, a perspective that only changed after a decade when aluminum became more widespread. Aircraft made of metal materials made their mark during World War I, when in 1915, the first full metal aircraft was built by a German aircraft designer, Hugo Junkers. His aircraft known as the Junkers J1 was made from aluminum alloy that included multiple metal materials such as manganese, magnesium, and copper.