Sample Aviation Essays On The Effects Of Automation

Homework Question on The Effects Of Automation

“Automation – Good Cop, bad cop? “ Do you think the new era of automation has increased or decreased safety? Write an in-depth essay on the effects of automation particularly as regards to the human on the flight deck.

The essay should be researched using peer-reviewed journals and taking into consideration all those aspects of paraphrasing, keeping to the question and peer review journals.

  1. Abstract (100 words): This is usually written at the end when you have finished your essay and sums up your essay including your conclusions
  2. Introduction (150 words): This is simply an introduction to your paper and tells the reader what to expect.
  3. Body of work, The history of automation (350 words)
  4. How automation has increased safety (350 words)
  5. How accidents have been caused by automation when the human cannot cope with it (350 words)
  6. Conclusion (200 words): This is to sum up what you have said in your essay and also to give either recommendations or an opinion

Homework Answer on The Effects Of Automation


Automation has increased efficiency by enabling precise flight maneuvers and navigation and other advantages like safety, workloareduction,economy,reliability,andmaintainability.However, automation requires special skills to operate the cockpit properly and that is where people can make mistakes. A pilot’s knowledge of managing computer systems and correctly responding to any abnormal situations that might arise when computers go wrong is highly critical.

The management of on-board computer systems requires good operational skills; however, the correct reaction to abnormalities requires that pilots not only have the good operation skills, but also in depth knowledge of the theory of operating systems. This paper also looks at the disadvantages of relying on automation like complacency that risks the occurrence of fatal accidents.

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Increased technology in the modern era has seen increased use of computers in aiding completion and performance of particular tasks. Even though automation has proven to improve the way jobs are done, it has significantly affected the operator whose responsibility has shifted from being the ultimate performer to being the onlooker and sometimes a complacent one in extreme circumstances (Liu, 1997). This has led to the rise of debates whether the introduction of automation is indeed advantageous or disadvantageous.