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Homework Question on Phoenix Mesa Getaway Airport

  1. Write a one page essay about Phoenix Mesa Getaway Airport located in Arizona state,
  2. Write a short phargraph about Erickson frighters helicopters ,



Homework Answer on Phoenix Mesa Getaway Airport

Phoenix Mesa Getaway Airport, a former military airfield, has been transformed to a full service commercial airport that serves passengers. Gateway airport hosts more than forty companies, serves more than thirty five cities, and contributes $1.3 billion annually to the economy of Arizona State. The airport has been designated both as a military rescue zone and a trade zone that offers other companies in the aviation industry a financial edge in the global marketplace.

It is located in the east valley of Phoenix metropolitan city and provides aviation and other services to the inhabitants of the area (Kramerand and Seltz 31). The essay reviews the aim and the plan of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and Erickson Company.The main aim of the airport is complementing rather than competing with Sky Harbor International Airport that has set an industry example for regional air transportation.

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“The authority that operates the airport consists of the City of Mesa, City of Phoenix, the Gila River Indian Community, Town of Gilbert, Town of Queen Creek, and City of Apache Junction”(Gateway airport n.p). Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport has also come up with a Community relations program and has invited the public to participate in the Airport through a variety of involvement opportunities.