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Homework Question on Noise Control Strategies around Airports

  • Topic: Noise Control Strategies around airports
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Homework Answer on Noise Control Strategies around Airports

One of the greatest global concerns surrounding the aviation industry and around airports today is noise pollution. Understandably, noise pollution is one of the factors that restrict development, growth, and expansion of airports and it may keep people especially passengers away from airports. The noise around airports is as a result of various factors although the noise generated by aircraft is of great significance and concern (Girvin, 2009).

In recent years, there has been an increase in the need to reduce noise as well as emissions from airplanes during takeoff, landing, and taxiing although this objective is far from being realized. The increase in the number of daily airport operations and growth in air level have led to increased environmental impacts of noise on the global scale. Health professionals and experts argue that the noise around airports have adverse health impacts on people staying around airports, and in extreme cases, the noise could result in deprivation of sleep.

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Moreover, research indicates that noise around airports could jeopardize communication and concentration among people living or working in areas near airports. With these perspectives in mind, the primary focus of this paper is to discuss the strategies used in the control of noise pollution within and around airports.For some time now, a strategy that has been used to mitigate the menace of noise around airports is the construction or installation of walls or barriers (Netjasov, 2012). A noise barrier is defined as a component that acts as an obstruction to the path of sound transmission, and perfect examples are walls, buildings, dense landscaping, and earth mounds.