Sample Aviation Essays On Need for Safety Management Systems

Homework Question on Safety Management Systems

  • SMS Hypothetical Scenario: See link below. Read the FAA SMS hypothetical Scenario Demonstrating the Need for SMS at:
  1. Upon reading the scenario and additional information provided on the Webpage, write a one page paper, how these could have been prevented and your “new” understanding for the importance of SMS within organizational business commutations.

Homework Answer on Safety Management Systems

Safety is a responsibility of everyone in the organization starting from the top down to bottom up. It means that whether you are the manager or a worker, you are entitled to ensure that the organization is safe for everyone. It is the reason Safety Management Systems (SMSs) is important to be practiced by every organization. In the hypothetical scenario that is presented in the article, there were several safety management practices that were ignored by the workers, the pilot and the managers at large.

It is evident by the high rates of ignorance of the situation with the aircraft that shows that there was no safety regulations applied in the scenario. The safety inspector, the employees plus the pilot did not take any preventive actions that could have prevented the accident from taking place. Multiple actions should have been taken because the opportunities presented themselves. The first employee who saw the wetness on the aircraft tire should have reported to the engineer and the pilot to check the issue.

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The safety inspector should have paid more attention to the hydraulic oil spill that she saw on the flow. Careful analysis on the aircraft could have prevented the broken events that occurred which led to the accident. Based on the hypothetical scenario, I managed to learn several things regarding the importance of SMS in an organization. The SMS helps organizations to conduct a thorough examination on its operations and come up with decisions based on the inspection.