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Homework Question on Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Describe your training program towards becoming a Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer/ BAS degree holder and the role that training has played.

Homework Answer on Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

To become a fully licensed Aircraft Engineer, I had to undergo a comprehensive training, covering a broad range of aspects in Aircraft Engineering. This program contained the following phases:

Phase 1: Electrical Fundamentals

In this phase, we studied electron theory which involved the electrical charges structure and distribution, and the molecular structure of insulators, semiconductors, and conductors.

Distribution of electrostatic charges, electrostatic repulsion and attraction laws and charge units were also covered. We then covered the electrical terms which included current, voltage, conductance, electron flow and resistance. Theories about electricity generation, Direct Current electricity sources, Direct Current circuits, inductors and resistors, capacitors, AC generators, transformers, filters, magnetism, power and AC motors was also an aspect of consideration in this phase (Dijkstra and Nunen, 1994).

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Phase 2: Digital Techniques Electronic Instrument Systems

TThis phase covered microprocessors in terms of their general functions as well as the operation of the arithmetic logic unit, register, clock and CPU as key elements of microprocessors. The basic operations, functions and the use of decoders and encoders was emphasized. We then identified the application and the overall functioning of demultiplexers and multi-plexers, merits and demerits of transmitting fibre optic information using electrical wire propagation. Liquid Crystal Display, Cathode Ray Tubes and Light Emitting Diodes and their operation principles were also discussed as modern aircraft electronic display types. We discovered information on how to specially handle electrostatic sensitive device components, and emphasized on being aware of anti-static devices of protection, the risks and even damage possibilities of these devices.