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Homework Answer on Lean Logistics


Lean logistics represents organized transportation mechanisms by companies where goods are shipped and transported to a specified destination as per the clients needs. A real world example of such a company is MACtac who is a manufacturer who does a number of activities that include packaging, labeling as well as manufacturing products before shipping them. As observed in ancient days long tank trucks were the ones that were involved in the exercise of shipping commodities from one region to another. In an effort to diversify, the supply caim manager at MACtac tried out a flexible tank attached on a 52-foot truck . these trucks produces some wastes due to the long journeys they take part in.

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The activity that entails the entire process of logistic requires a number of process that have to be followed. These activities as explained by different members. The after hour services are critical as they ensure the customers access alternative courier services. The managed services are also critical as there are coordinators who monitor the systems as they load and offload items. There are also intelligence services that ensure the clients receive their purposed packages. The entire process is formidable requiring enough expertise and proper attention. The whole back  of this process stops as client support which also couples up as the customer service sector. From the description it is critical to note that LeanLogistics has a well drafted transportation service mechanism.