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Homework Question on Human Resource and Personnel Trends

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  • Human Resources and Personnel Trends/Issues in the Aviation Industry Women Account for Fewer Than 5% of Airline CEOs Around the World, so what are some of the solutions employed by the industry and institutions like UD?
  • Airlines such as Ethiopian, Air India and others have done a number of things to promote women in aviation in their own countries.
  • United Is Adding a Training Safety Day for All 12,000 Pilots.
  • The Huffington Post: Meet Siza Mzimela, The First Black Woman To Start An Airline.

Homework Answer on Human Resource and Personnel Trends

Aviation industry has from the historical times discriminated women when hiring key aviation jobs. The industry has paid hefty emphasis on hiring masculine to assume key positions in the aviation. The hiring procedures in the industry have been changing even though the it has been a slow process. One measure that the aviation industry should apply in ensuring that it has competent future workforce is through offering equal opportunities to all members of the society.

The key positions jobs in the industry should be open to all members and be applied for competitively to ensure there is inclusive representation by all members of the society. The objective of the paper would be to discuss various solutions that are applied by different airlines to deal with hiring women in the aviation industry and hence, control the discrimination that is prevailing terming industry as male-dominated (Boselie 45).

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Women employees in the aviation industry has been minimal, and it has been noted that women account for less than 5% of the airline CEOs worldwide. It is evident that there are a lot of untapped potential among the groups that have been discriminated against during the hiring process of the staffs, especially in the key positions. The aviation industry should ensure that every member is included in competing equally for the positions they feel capable of perfecting and are willing to pursue irrespective of their sex (Clark, Newcomer, and Jones 66-84).