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Delta Air lines is trying to achieve various objectives by partnering with Habitat for Humanity International. To begin with, the company is fulfilling its civic mandate of giving back to the society. Its major aim is to contribute their resources to a number of worthwhile causes in the form of strategic corporate social responsibility (CSR) in line with its core values. By teaming up with Habitat, Delta has managed to make a difference in the society.

I think the company is trying to create a positive image with the consumers by engaging in sustainability and CSR efforts. The efforts have improved its brand in the past five years if its inclusion in Fortune’s top 50 Most Desired Companies is to be considered. There is not a better strategy of giving back to the society than minding the welfare of vulnerable groups.

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Consumers will want to be associated with such efforts and will advance the companies’ core values. It could also be argued that Delta is trying to attract more consumers and customers by showing them that they do not only care about profits. They are proving that their list of stakeholders has no limits as they reach out to impact the lives of the vulnera