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Homework Question on Etihad Airlines

  • Do a risk management plan for Etihad airlines.
  • Here us a link for an example of southwest airline CRISIS MANAGEMENT PLAN.

Homework Answer on Etihad Airlines


Crisis response and communication is essential for maintaining the organization’s positive image. This plan is designed to provide a powerful response during the times of crises. The crisis management plan seeks to offer background information about Etihad airlines. Having a well-developed crisis management planhelps the company to minimize both financial and social effects of airline accidents if they occur.

The plan incorporates the objectives of Etihad Airlines that makes the organization a going concern (Balakrishnan 18). Furthermore, the plan discusses possible crises as well as assessing the risks that these crises exposes the company to. In addition, the plan outlines the necessary steps and procedures to be followed to contain the crises. It also incorporates the stakeholders involved in the crisis management process.

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Background information

Etihad airlines, established by the popular Royal Decree traces its origin in 2003. By November 2003, it became fully operational and has since then developed to become among the fastest expanding airlines in the aviation industry (Ali and Syed 24). Etihad airline first established operations in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and current fleet of sixty six aircrafts operating over one thousand flights in a week. It has over the time expanded and now serves a network of eighty four cargo and passengers destinations across the world. Etihad airlines has established itself as the best airline and seeks to boost the prestige of UAE as a hospitality hub. Etihad Airlines has in the past received various awards that positions it as the leading airline brand across the world.