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Homework Question on Continental Express Flight 2574

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  1. Compare and contrast the actions from a professionalism and ethical behavior of the employees between this incident and the Alaska Airlines 261.  Briefly describe the events or elements and discuss at least two issues that you think were unethical or unprofessional.  Be specific as to if it was an ethical or professionalism characteristic.
  2. What was the primary probable cause of the accident?
  3. Briefly discuss two (2) or more factors that you learned for the first time, or factors that surprised you, or changed your mind about certain aspects of aircraft safety or maintenance after watching this video?

Homework Answer on Continental Express Flight 2574

The accident was largely blamed on the separation of leading edge and the airframe that exposed the left side of the horizontal stabilizer to the airstream (Air Disasters). The separation prompted the stabilizer to unfasten making the airline to experience down thrust and down pitched before rolling to fatally injure crew members and passengers (Air Disasters).Ethics and unprofessionalism came into play in this accident; it was revealed that 47 screw fasteners that would have attached the upper surface of the leading-edge assembly for the left side of the horizontal stabilizer were missing.

This was blamed on second shift mechanics who were conducting routine maintenance and forgot to replace the screws and thus was unable to perform as per expectations. The accident involving Alaska Airline 261 was also caused by failure of horizontal stabilizer trim screws and was due to unprofessional conduct of maintenance personnel who failed to lubricate the nut threads as was routine.

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Investigation on the cause of accident discovered that management at the airline company failed to ensure that their operations were compliant to standards set by regulatory body, on the same note, the regulatory body failed to enforce requirements through oversight and reconnaissance (Air Disasters). The primary cause of the accident was unethical conduct of second shift mechanics failure to abide by standard maintenance procedures and management and industry regulatory body failure to provide necessary surveillance on such procedures.