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Homework Question on Aviation Safety

Alaska Airlines 261 (YouTube:

1-stakeholders in the video.  Did they do the right thing, did they act in a professional manner, what they did that you would consider good or not up to standard etc.  Please discuss each in detail and give examples used in the video.

  1. Pilots of Alaska 261
  2. Maintenance person and dispatch the pilots called when they needed help
  3. The mechanic that reported Alaska Airlines to the DOT (John Liotine)

2-Under similar circumstances, would you do the same thing that John Liotine did and report the company to the DOT or the FAA?  Please explain your answer and the reasoning behind your answer IN DETAIL.  “I don’t know” is not an option for this question.

Homework Answer on Aviation Safety

The video shows pilots trying to control the plane (“Air Crash Disaster”). The crew faced a problem they were not familiar with because the jack screw failure was not part of their training. The pilots contacted the Alaska maintenance department for assistance when they first experienced the problem. The pilots wanted to divert the plane to Los Angeles but Alaska airline’s coordinating centre advised them not to because that would interfere with the tight schedule.

The airlines maintenance department staff had told the investigators that the top management had insisted all the airplanes had to be on air, not on the ground. The maintenance procedures were comprised and the schedules were under pressure.It emerged that the stakeholders and the top management had violated maintenance procedures in order to cut on costs. The investigations revealed that there was no lubrication or grease in the jackscrew.

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The issue of cutting costs at the expense of passengers’ lives has been a major concern in the recent past. Many aircraft crashes are usually blamed on pilot faults even when the actual causes of the crashes are far from pilot errors. Airline mangers and stakeholders argue that safety measures increase costs but not revenues. Aviation safety is very much affected by profit maximization and cost cutting. The case of Alaska airline shows the pressure in which flight and maintenance crew face in their line of duty (“Air Crash Disaster”).