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Homework Question on Aviation Safety Management System

  • Choosing an accident and extract the latent and active failures that may have led and/or contributed to the accident.
  • You should be able to list and explain 5 failures for each. from the website below 2- 3-

Homework Answer on Aviation Safety Management System

This essay will discuss the failures that contributed to the accidents of Embraer EMB-500 airplane, plane Sikorsky S-61N, N612AZ, and Sundance Helicopters, Inc., Euro copter AS350-B2 helicopter, N37SH.

The major causes of an Embraer EMB-500 airplane according to NTSB was the Pilot’s failure to utilize the horizontal and wing stabilizer deice system that resulted in the accumulation of ice, an aerodynamic stall at an increased airspeed that would take place without the accumulation of ice, and the incidence of the stall prior to the sticker pusher being activated. Based on the fact that the deice system had not been activated by the pilot in advance to landing, the indications of the band on the airspeed display failed to correctly show the warning speed of the stall.

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A study carried out by NTSB indicated that there would have been adequate warning of an aerodynamic stall if at all the horizontal and wing stabilizer deice system had been applied during the approach. Another failure was not using the proper landing performance speeds for the prevailing weather conditions and the weight of the plane, as outlined in the airplane’s standard operating procedures, which together led to an aerodynamic stall at which salvage was not possible.