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Homework Question on Aviation Human Capital and Employee Management

  1. From your perspective, what are the two (2) most difficult concepts to implement in the leading-up principles?  Or what are the two (2) most challenging principles to meet?  Please discuss in detail providing examples.  [20-points]
  2. What are the top four (4) lessons you can learn or takeaways from the perspective of leading up?  Please describe in detail giving examples of what you think are the four most important lessons for you.  Discuss each lesson individually. [40-points]

Homework Answer on Aviation Human Capital and Employee Management


Investing in relational chemistry is one of the most difficult and challenging principles to implement. The principle requires employees to earn their leader’s trust by connecting to their interest and working with their weaknesses. In reality, employees want to work independently and they distance themselves from their leaders. In most organizations, employees value doing their work according to the job description rather than working for orders from their leaders.

There is fear of earning their leaders trust .As an example, most employees work with an aim of raising their performance ratings for appraisal purposes but not for their leaders. Therefore, it is difficult to implement the principle in an organization with employees from diverse background setting.Additionally, it is also quite challenging to implement the principle of becoming a Go-to-player. This principle suggests that most employees work best when there is pressure, when the resources are limited, when the leader is absent and during a limited amount of time.

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In contrast, employees’ output is high while working in presence of their leaders, therefore; implementing the principle creates an environment for relaxation. Moreover, employees always oppose change that is not favoring them. For example, employees report late when their leaders are absent. This vice is against the principle.