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Homework Question on APM485 A019 journal entry

  • Your airport has hired several new airport operations coordinators, as the operations manager you are required to provide initial training as required by Part 139.303, 139.337.
  • Use Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 139, FAA Fact Sheets, applicable ACs, and USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Wildlife Services report on Wildlife Strikes to Civil Aircraft in the United States 1990-2014, to design a PowerPoint slide presentation that addresses the importance of reducing wildlife hazards at the airport, and explains the process of reporting a wildlife strike.
  • Write a 250 word summary on what you learned from the exercise. Specifically address how this exercise gave you a better understanding about Part 139; AC 150/5200-32B, AC 150/5200-33B, AC 150/5200-36A, the importance of a wildlife hazard management program, and the significance of reporting collisions between aircraft and wildlife.

Homework Answer on APM485 A019 journal entry

In the process of preparing a PowerPoint presentation to train new operation coordinators on airport safety under Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 139, I learnt vital lessons on various issues related to airport wildlife hazard management. I learnt that under 14 CFR Part 139 AC 150/5200-36A, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has developed qualification thresholds for wildlife biologist hired by airport management to conduct Wildlife Hazard Assessments (WHA).

I also learnt that all airports certified by FAA must have a Wildlife Hazard Management Plan (WHMP). All personnel under this program must be trained initially and recurrently using a curriculum approved by the FAA. I also learnt that hazardous wildlife majorly birds and other animals are attracted to airports by both open and constructed areas. These attractants which include wetlands, mines, car parks, buildings and wastewater plants provide breeding and reproduction areas for wildlife.

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They can also escape or loaf in these areas and may endanger airports through collision with aircrafts or even interfering with the operation areas. Collisions between airplanes and wildlife must be reported in order for the airport management to implement a WHMP which will reduce the threat and incidences. This is because such collisions cause significant financial losses running into millions of dollars due to damage to aircraft parts including engines.