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Homework Question on Is America safer now?

  1. Discuss your response to: Is America any safer now than prior to the 9/11 attacks?

Homework Answer on Is America safer now?

The September 11 attack by terrorist group Al Qaeda made the United States to focus on terrorism as an imminent threat. Security measures in America have been emphasized since the attack in order to combat terrorism. This means that America can be considered safer now prior to the 9/11 attack of the Pentagon due to various measures. Firstly, Homeland security has been greatly improved to ensure that terror threats can be counteracted (Koplowitz, p1). For example, there have been necessary resources provided in the airports to combat terror threats. Some of these airport security measures include: bomb baggage scans, passport verification and scanners among others.

Secondly, intelligence agencies’ reorganization and communication in the States has greatly improved. For example, the use of bomb smelling dogs in the airlines has ensured threats can be promptly dealt with. As such, America has been able to thwart various terrorist activities within its borders. Some of the terrorist plan attacks that have been thwarted include:  Times Square, Los Angeles, New York subway system and Detroit bound airliner attacks among others (Koplowitz, p1).

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This means that security measures have been improved in every part of the American soil and boundaries. In addition, the inception of TSA in airline industry after the September attacks has ensured airline safety. This is done through stringent screenings in the airports and air marshals that ensure safety. Furthermore, Osama’s death facilitated by the American administration has proved a milestone in combating terrorism (Aregawi, p1)