Sample Aviation Essays On Airport Operations

Homework Question on Airport Operations

  • Write a 250 word self-assessment essay, comparing your knowledge about airport operations when you started the class to the present;
  • Be specific and detailed in your explanation.
  • Submit your essay as a Journal entry.

Homework Answer on Airport Operations

This class provided me with important insights into airport operations including various measures that are put in place to ensure airport safety and security. Before taking this class, I was not well appraised with the significance of airport certification and categorization by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) especially under the Airport Improvement Program (AIP). Through the class, I learned that while these classes of airport was integral in ensuring airport safety and security, it allowed these publicly operated airports to get funding under the program.

At the end of the class, my knowledge base on the various equipment, tools and personnel training standards has increased significantly.Before, the class I had little knowledge on key airport installations including pavements, navigational aids (NAVAIDs), fire engine systems, signs, markings and lightings. I also had no idea on the different designs of pavements for taxiways and runways and also the philosophy behind them.

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However, at the end of the class, I am knowledgeable on these aspects of airport operations including advisory circulars (ACs) which call for the cooperation between FAA, airport management and manufacturers of these devices, tools and equipment to ensure that they meet the FAA and international operating standards. Before the beginning of this class, I had very little knowledge on some of the attractants to wildlife around and within airspaces. However, at the end of the lesson I was knowledgeable on the regulations and guidelines provided by FAA under Part 139 to direct curriculum development, hiring and training of personnel tasked with assessing airspaces vulnerability to such wildlife invasion.