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Homework Question on Air France Flight 447

  1. The topic of the paper should be an accident that was caused either directly by a human factor. I expect you to explain the why the specific human factor contributed to the accident. This will include a thorough description of the factors and how they occurred.
  2. Additional emphasis should be on the specific hazards presented by the Human Factor in and around the event and the proper actions an aviator should undertake to deal with those specific hazards.
  • The student should make every effort to turn a textbook explanation of the phenomenon into a real-world report. The level of effort here will contribute to the overall grade.
  • The student must access at least five sources for information that are academic, so no wiki.

Homework Answer on Air France Flight 447

Over the years, the aviation industry has developed to become one of the safest and fastest means of transport. The growth of the industry is rightly evidenced by close to 10 major plane manufacturers, more than 1000 airline companies and more than 3 billion passengers flown across continents as of 2012 (Gandio, 2013). Projections within the industry are optimistic that air traffic will continue to grow in the future.

Even with such record of accomplishment in safety, accidents sometimes do occur, which apart from shaking passenger confidence, lead to loss of life and profits for the airline involved. One such accident is the Air France Flight 447 accident that killed all the 228 passengers and crew onboard the plane, and going into history as one of the world’s worst aviation accidents (Ross & Tweedie, 2012). Although a number of factors are to blame for the accident, human factors played a huge role in the accident, thus the need for investigation and proposal of recommendation for dealing with such human factors.

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Air France Flight 447 was on schedule from Galeao airport in Rio, Brazil to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France on31st May 2009 (Ross & Tweedie, 2012).  Departing the airport at 2210hrs, the plane, and Airbus A330-200 had on board 228 people: 3 pilots, 9 cabin crew, and 216 passengers (Ross & Tweedie, 2012). Shortly after the departure in mid-ocean, the plane disappeared going beyond radar coverage and in darkness.