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The US government and the government of Cuba have signed an agreement, which will enable the two countries to enhance their relationships through aviation. According to Whitefield, the civil aviation agreement would allow airline service schedules to happen between the two countries after a period of more than 50 years (n.p). Opening of air flights to Cuba would enhance trade between the island and the US, as well as strengthen the network in the Caribbean.

The civil agreement allows operation of all flights from both directions to conduct their international air transportation based on essential authorizations and licenses. Both the US and Cuba have to ensure that their airlines meet the conditions set down under the laws and regulations between the two countries. Application of laws and regulations of each country, particularly on operations and navigation of airplanes in admission and departure from the airplane’s territory, must meet the requirement of the first country (“U.S.-Cuba Memorandum of Understanding” 2).

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The deal permits each country to operate a maximum of 20 daily round trips between the US and Havana (Mowat 4).  The arrangement does not restrict charter services; hence, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) requires no allocation procedures. Both countries agreed to safeguard the civil aviation from acts of unlawful interference, with regard to the provisions made through international conventions signed by both the US and Cuba.