Sample Aviation Essays On Africa and ICAO

Homework Question on Africa and ICAO

  1. With Africa having the highest accident rate in the globe, do you feel ICAO is trying to implement the correct actions to solve the problem?
  2. Do you believe that updating the fleet will help with the safety record? How long will this work? What else will need to be done besides updating the fleet?
  3. What implementations would you suggest to help solve the issue?
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Homework Answer on Africa and ICAO

ICAO is taking the right strategies to implement the correct actions to reduce air transport fatality rate in Africa. Implementation of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has come up with international standards of air transport which are supposed to be adhered to by countries. The actions that are being implemented by ICAO are the best strategies that can be used to bring sanity the aviation industry and reduce fatality rate in African countries.

ICAO and other international aviation stakeholders have come up with a strategic plan aimed at addressing safety deficiencies in Africa. The action plan also referred to as the Abuja Declaration target to bring the African accident rate in line with the global average in the coming years. Strategies being taken by ICAO are aimed at improving safety standards and reducing air transport fatality rate, especially in African countries.

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There has been improvement in recent years, for instance, the Western-built jet hull loss rate improved 55.4% between 2012 and 2013 while the region’s accident rate for all aircraft types improved nearly 50% (This day live n.p). African countries that have met ICAO standards are performing better than those that which have not met the standards.