Sample Aviation Essay paper on Flight Swapping

Aviation Assignment

  1. strategy to be used

I would use flight swapping to address the flight delay. Since Aircraft A is utilized on WA 1269 and WA 1764, its delay will mean that its scheduled departure from PHX at 14:00 will be affected since it is expected to arrive at 15:00. However, flight WA 1280 is scheduled to leave PHX for SLC at 16:00 and hence will be available. As such, the swapping will entail flight WA 1280 being used instead and its passengers will later on be served by WA 1269 when it arrives at PHX and 15:00. In essence, we will swap the unavailable Aircraft A with Aircraft B to cut down on the delay.

  • Defending the choice made

Choosing this strategy will reduce on the amount of time that would have been used waiting for Aircraft A which will arrive at PHX at 15:00. Since Aircraft B will arrive at PHX at 14:40 and will be scheduled to leave at 16:00, using it to ferry Aircraft A’s passengers will be the most feasible option which will reduce the disruption on the passenger’s schedule. It will also save on losses which comes with flight cancellations.

  • Accommodation of aircraft, crew, and passenger recovery

Aircraft recovery will encompass Aircraft A being used at 16:00 to ferry passengers from PHX to SLC since this was what Aircraft B had initially been scheduled for. A reserve crew will be used for this swapping to give Aircraft B’s crew time to rest. There will not be passenger recovery since all the passengers who were to be ferried by Aircraft A will be ferried by Aircraft B.

  • Costs that may be associated with the chosen strategy

The costs that are associated with my strategy might be the different operating costs that might be encompassed by each flights for different routes. The costs that Aircraft A might use for a particular route might be different from that of Aircraft B hence the swap will come with such costs. Factors that will increase such costs are the payment of the reserve crew and the additional fuel that might be used.