Sample Aviation Essay Paper on Aviation Psychology

SFTY 320 2.3: Aviation Psychology

            Majority of aviation accidents occur due to human error. This makes human psychology vital in coming up with ways and designs of improving safety in the aviation industry. The technology used in the aviation industry is essentially a human invention. The ability of humans to anticipate possible faults and failure in the system and mitigate them is essential in improving the safety of aircrafts (Dickens, 2017). Therefore, the cognitive part of human psychology is essential in improving the safety of aircrafts and aircraft systems. Other aspects of human psychology such as developmental or mental and physical health can be easily detected and used to improve the safety of aviation by having such persons prevented from taking part in aviation related activities. On the other hand, cognitive aspect of human psychology is not easily determined, and has to be intentionally tested.

            One of the areas where the cognitive aspect of human psychology applies in aviation is the maintenance operations. A significant number of flight accidents have taken place as a result of a failure in the maintenance of the aircrafts. An aircraft engineer needs to have a deep understanding of the workings of the components of the aircraft (Harris, 2014). This makes it possible for the aircraft engineer to notice any discrepancies in the systems of the aircraft and repair them before they pose a danger to the flight, the crew and the passengers. The persons working in the maintenance departments should be regularly tested and examined for elements that might compromise their cognitive abilities (Satow, 2015). These elements include ill health, stress and drugs. Once the cognitive abilities of the aviation workers are taken care of, there is a high possibility of the safety improving significantly.


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