Sample Aviation Essay Paper on Aviation Human Capital

Question 1

            Maintaining a balance of work without overstepping the authority implies having a professional approach towards work. To achieve this, the following actions are necessary.

  1. Follow the work guidelines.
  2. Follow the reporting procedures.
  3. Respect the other leaders in the organization.

Question 2

            The most appealing aspect of credit is its convenience because one can use the money and repay later, but this comes with a cost. However, in most cases, the cost of credit outweighs the benefit, especially with regard to the time value of money. Living without credit is therefore impossible.

Question 3

            One of the ways of relieving tension challenge is by getting comfortable with the middle. In my line of work, I have been able to influence changes in the company even without having the formal authority by leading from the middle. The other way is being aware of what to hold onto or let go. I have learnt to work without crossing the line of authority and performing my duties with integrity. The other way is by finding answers quickly when caught in the middle. I have developed healthy working relationships with my colleagues so that they help me out in case I am in such situation. The abuse of power is the other aspect and I avoid this by ensuring professionalism in my work. To manage stress, I do physical exercises everyday including jogging and aerobics.

Question 4

            Following a controlling leader is difficult but I would ensure that I get my work done on time and in the right way to avoid work-related conflicts. Working with a selfish leader is selfish and I would ensure I understand my work to avoid work-related conflicts. Building good relationships with insecure leaders can be a good way of enhancing productivity at work.

Question 5

            To meet the multi hat challenge, I would ensure that I perform my duties diligently to enhance accuracy, especially the jobs that I am not familiar with.

Question 6

             To beat the egotistical perspective I would focus on my dreams and avoid distractions. For example, focusing more on the main goals rather than the short-term objectives is important as it may help in overcoming the ego challenge.

Question 7

            Adapting to the company’s vision is the most effective way to enhance change. For example, agreeing to the existing vision to develop healthy relationships with the employees to help win their trust so as to challenge the vision later.