Sample Aviation Essay Paper on Air Transport System

Air Transport System

Studying the air transport system has proved that it comprises of several sections including how the airplanes were developed and the commencing of commercial air transportation. During the readings, I have discovered that the air transport or air carrier industry comprises federal legislations. As a result, I have had to determine my aviation interest allied to flight technology as a pilot to understand what I need to do as I pursue further knowledge and experience in the area.

My interest in flight technology as a pilot developed at a young age, as I was a keen reader of the Aircraft Technology, Engineering and Maintenance (ATE&M) Magazine. The magazine acted as an authority providing knowledge on the skills required to thrive and succeed in the air transport industry. As a result, I applied the technical information gathered from the magazine to explore how I would gain entry in the air transport industry. Based on the various interviews published in the magazine, I discovered the industry relies on the latest technological developments to repair and maintain airplanes to meet the market needs. The information I gathered therefore led me to focus on my sciences to acquire entry grades into an aviation college.

After joining college, I had to determine my aviation interest. This is because there are several aviation interests taught in class including management and maintenance of airplanes and air traffic while focusing on military aviation operations. I discovered my aviation interest was allied to flight technology as a pilot. This is because being a pilot does not necessarily require an individual to be a mechanic by either occupation or training. I therefore believed pursuing this aviation interest would provide me with knowledge and skills as a pilot to fly, repair, and maintain an airplane. I discovered that pursuing fight technology would involve conducting routine maintenance of an aircraft. Consequently, I believed that aviation studies allied to flight technology would expose students to become better equipped in flying. For example, I was keen to learn how o remove and replace self-contained instruments installed in either navigation or communication devices. This interest developed when reading the magazine, as I believe it will enable me to pay keen attention on how parts of an airplane ought to function effectively and efficiently. Consequently, I will acquire skills to ensure flight control systems, distance-measuring equipments, and transponders are provided and approved under the pertinent instructions and legislations regulating the aviation industry. I am therefore determined to graduate as a better and safe pilot able to maintain and repair an airplane in accordance with applicable aviation sections, instructions, and legislations.

During my studies, I have been focusing on how pilots are involved in preventive maintenance. This has led me to discover that pilots engage in assembly operations. The assembly operations include removing, repairing, and installing landing gear tires, elastic shock absorbers, and cotter keys among other parts crucial in the safe operation of an airplane. As I continue to pursue flight technology, I need to focus on how to clean and replace fuel, filter elements, and oil strainers. I also need to understand how servicing batteries are replaced and/or repaired. More importantly, I ought to acquire skills to understand various devices installed in an airplane. Consequently, I need to understand when and how they ought to be repaired and replaced while following the Federal Aviation Administration approved instructions and the aviation legislations.

Currently, I am focusing on acquiring skills required to handle hydraulic fluids in a hydraulic reservoir. I am also learning how to apply preservative and protective materials among components that do not require to be disassembled to repair or maintain the involved operating systems. I believe learning and understanding these good practices will ensure I am a safe pilot keen in upholding and improving the high standards in the aviation industry. To pursue further knowledge and experience in the flight technology area, I intend to focus on individual courses providing valuable skills in a practical period of time. For example, I will be keen to ensure the skills focus on flight technology while applying flexible approaches during the learning schedules. I intend to pursue individual courses in addition to the total academic educational skills acquired after pursuing aviation studies in college. I intend to sustain a long and successful career as a pilot. Thus, I will to engage in coursework allied to essential training of pilots.

More importantly, I have to ensure that as I pursue further studies I focus on seeking employment, especially with commercial airlines while gaining experience with flight instructor programs. I will also ensure the knowledge and skills acquired concerning flight technology are sufficient to teach aviation students in the future. I aspire to rely on the accrued knowledge and skills in the future in ensuring the aviation industry continues to grow and expand while improving and enhancing the operational standards. As a result, I will ensure further studies equip me with various functions allied to aviation industry that I can utilize in the future to encourage and support other students pursuing flight technology, maintenance, and management.