Sample Aviation Essay Paper on Affective Factors Influencing Conference Presentation Performance

Guest Summary

Question 1

The speaker’s primary purpose, as evidenced in the presentation, entails a progress chronology of regulations and acts that contribute to the success of the airline industry. Dr. Britton outlines each control or reform that has transformed the airline sector of America’s economy. Being a global expert in airline learning, Dr. Britton outlines major regulations and changes that have led to the implementation of successful policies and practices. His experience, however, has documented an important milestone that describes a transformation process of services offered by airline companies.

Question 2

Fact 1: Dr. Britton acknowledges reform progress in the airline industry using a birthday event. The fact that the U.S. Airline Deregulation is celebrating its 40th anniversary indicates that Dr. Britton has been keenly following reform progress since the early years of the 20th century.

Fact 2: Dr. Britton describes a pre-deregulation period with qualitative facts that explain how a lack of procedural safety and airline operations harmed the airline industry in the U.S. (Guest 32) For instance, the presentation notes that federal regulations of airline services began as early as 1926 and this formed a strong foundation of introducing more regulations.

Fact 3: The presentation incorporates relevant graphics and images that inform the audience of how the airline situation used to be in the past (Tussyadiah 696). For instance, the picture describing the arrival of computers in 1972 provides vivid facts that break the monotony of a speech.

Question 3

Deregulation of an airline industry describes a significant process of transformation which is implemented using different methods. Dr. Britton, in this case, describes this process using legislation reforms that regulate modern commercial practices in the airline industry. This is an effective method as it strengthens the foundation of airline operations, in the U.S, using legislation reforms.  

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