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Discuss the emergence of Crew Resource Management and consider how it can contribute to safe flight. Illustrate with examples of where CRM has been good and where it has failed.

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Crew Resource management-CRM- is the efficient use of all the human resources that are available to manage safe operation thus reducing stress and avoiding error and this results in a high level of efficiency thus minimizing accident incidences. These paper discusses the emergence of CRM and the introduction of the training program in the aviation industry. It also gives an example of DC-10 flight of the United Airlines where CRM was demonstrated and was fruitful and this lead to the growth and adaptation of this exercise worldwide in aviation and another sector. Poor coordination that resulted from inadequate training is also featured at the second example of Aeroflot A310-304 Russian international airline. Poor situational awareness and decision making lead this terrible accident to occur. The paper concludes by recommending the CRM training program and that it should be embraced by the government and the aviation regulation bodies.

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CRM-Crew resource management was formed to respond to the to the upcoming insights into to the causes of aircraft incidents which followed data records in fights to be introduced into the modern aircraft jets.  This paper explains the information gathered from various studies, most of the plane accidents do not occur as a result of systems or aircraft technical malfunctioning. The accident also does not take place from either lack of the crew technical knowledge or poor aircraft handling skills. According to Pitt and Newsworthy, teams are incapable of responding accordingly with speed in the situation that they find themselves. Situational awareness, for instance, can be lost due to improper communication system within the crews. Wrong decision making in the aircraft teamwork breakdown leads to situational failure and lack of coordination and eventually, results in a fatal accident.  The airlines are obliged to invest more in CRM training programs to avoid accidents and maximize their profits.