Sample Aviation Essay On Contemporary issues affecting Aviation Industry

Homework Question on Contemporary issues affecting Aviation Industry   

  1. Please refer to open sources available such as internet / aviation news /reports / publications / Aviation industry videos etc.
  2. With a view to understand the importance of continuously monitoring the Aviation Industry, please carry out a study on the contemporary issues affecting it and submit a report.
  3. You may choose any number of contemporary issues in any country or any airline relating to Aviation Industry. You may use any open source available on the internet or unrestricted documents of any commercial airline.

Homework Answer On Contemporary issues affecting Aviation Industry

The invention of airplanes stands out as one of the most remarkable innovations of humans of all time. As a result of this creation, there was born a highly growing global aviation industry that has significantly changed people’s lives. From simple planes in the mid-20th century, there have been rapid, innovative changes in designs leading to the creation of airliners and other new airplanes. Besides aircraft, airports have significantly evolved to offer better services to airline companies (Cederholm, 2014). The progressive changes in the aviation sector have been catalyzed by various factors including increased demand for air travel, international trade, and tourism travel. But then, amid the prosperous industrial growth, the aviation sector faces various issues that affect its operations in the current society and economy. As such, this paper seeks to bring to light the key contemporary issues impacting the aviation industry. Further, this paper presents some important recommendations that could remedy current key challenges facing this industry.

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Contemporary Issues

Increased pressure to adopt new technologies

Nobody can deny how significant technology has been in the aviation industry in the recent years. New technology is basically the powerhouse of achieving operational efficiency both at the airport and airline companies. As such, the aviation industry players have been able to reduce costs of operation and enhance business and tourism travel with the aid of information communication technology (ICT) solutions, mobile technology, and aircraft technologies. Realizing the undeniable importance of technology, the aerospace sector has seen its players make huge investments in technology (Cederholm, 2014).