Sample Aviation Essay On Chesley Sullenberger

Homework Question on  Chesley Sullenberger

Topic:Choose one individual that has made a contribution to aviation / aerospace.

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Topic:Pilot- Chesley Sullenberger

Homework Answer on Chesley Sullenberger

Air transport is the fastest mode of transport. However, it is faced with a lot of challenges. Therefore, individuals working in this industry must be prepared to overcome these challenges. Several individuals have made some changes or left a mark in this industry. One of them is Chesley Sullenberger, a pilot who helped save the lives of 155 passengers during an emergency landing on Hudson River.

He is therefore celebrated as an icon and safety speaker for international airline.  He has also ventured into writing inspirational books for the American public. This makes him an influential figure, especially in the corporate sector of the economy. After his retirement from active service delivery as a pilot, he was hired by CBS news to give advice as a safety expert in aviation matters.

Key words: emergency landing, Hudson river landing, Sully, accident.

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Some of the contributions that Chesley Sullenberger made include saving passengers, initiating and developing safety protocols and founding Safety Reliability Methods, Inc. (SRM). The latter is known for its contribution in provision of tactical and strategic guidance for aviation companies. This aid develops and enhances an entity safety, reliability and performance both in the short run period and long run periods.