Sample Aviation Coursework Paper on Effects of Deregulation on Airline

Effects ofDeregulation was therefore conceived to end government control over fares, routes and stimulate the entry of new airlines. Deregulation resulted in a lot of success in the certificated airline (Peterson, 2018).  Deregulation resulted in new airlines into the U.S market with the expansion of the initial airlines by adding many new routes to their airline system and enjoyed route freedom. Despite, the long-term expansion of airline routes, the process led to terminal congestion.

Deregulations resulted in competition among several airplane producer companies. The process as well provided access to a global market which resulted in concentration in business. The procedure also led to a drop in fare. The process as well resulted in the generation of jobs as 58.1 million got employment (Mattos & Fregnan, 2015). Deregulation led merging of airlines. Several smaller regional airlines merged either among themselves or bought by companies with larger airlines. The merging led to a decrease in some airline firms. The process as well affected passenger business of some hub cities as many enterprises became concentrated around only one or two airlines.

Deregulations resulted in several innovations that radically changed the structure of the airline industry. The first innovation was the creation of hub and spoke routes (Wensveen, 2018). The routes were designed to funnel traffic from outlying regions for further transit at very high load factors, to major destinations. Second is the adoptions of frequent-flier programs designed to enhance brand loyalty among business travelers and to exploit the differences between regional and national airlines regarding more desirable destinations. The third is the development of sophisticated reservations systems. The airline used the systems to skew in their favor to display the scheduling information on the screens. The travel agents office also used the reservation system to develop and yield management programs.


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