Sample Aviation Case Study Paper Summary on Aviation Maintenance Task Cards

Aviation Maintenance Task Cards

In carrying out  aviation maintenance, some of the  important instruments that come into use are the aviation maintenance task cards. The task cards have all the scheduled  maintenance tasks  listed and are used  to guide the  maintenance  personnel. As  part of procedure, the task listings  are made in accordance with aviation maintenance  standards. This makes the cards an  important tool as they ensure that aviation maintenance adheres to the set  standards. There are several benefits associated with aviation task cards.

One of the benefits is that aviation task cards enable maintenance personnel to comply with standards since they are made with the maintenance standards as the key guides. They therefore provide procedural guidelines into how maintenance should be done in compliance with regulations.

Apart from this, aviation maintenance standards also help in achieving greater efficiency by allowing task authoring. This reduces the time required to obtain approval and also helps in case there is need for maintaining rwgulaory structuring (King, 1986). As a result, the use of maintenance task cards helps to prevent costly errors that may be costly. Besides this, aviation task cards also make it easier and faster to access certain information such as inspection serial numbers, parts removed and/ or added, discrepancies found and the actions taken after inspection (Fitzgerald, 2008).

The cards also increase the ease of instruction such as the type of work to be done. Such instructions sometimes prove essential for the maintenance team. The importance of the maintenance task cards also extends to the Airline. This is because the task cards enable the Airlines to track progress in maintenance and to follow whoever is responsible for any actions in case there is need. In conclusion, aviation task cards are important for the aviation industry to operate successfully.


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