Sample Aviation Article Review Paper on Inside the Head of Those inside the Cockpit summary

Inside the Head of Those inside the Cockpit summary

Mental health counseling is an essential service to distraught individual or persons exposed to extreme conditions. Counseling services is important especially to pilot. Thus, there is need for pilots to accept these therapeutic services in order to help them solve mental problems. This paper is a summary on mental challenges faced by pilots and counseling solutions.

Pilots view psychotherapy as a stigma of weakness. They feel comfortable in helping each other to solve their problems. From the conversation, the pilot was uncomfortable when he was advised to seek counseling services. Later from his session with the psychiatric, he manifests a denial state in grieving his wife.

The article has clearly articulated the conceptions and misconceptions among the cockpit pilots on counseling services. He tries to end the stigma by showing how his perception changed after therapy and stating that he was ready to return to work.

Briefly the article reflects the journey of counseling services in the piloting profession since the late 90’s to present. There has been a significant changes especially in 2011. Notably, from the article counseling services are made confidential such that if pilot needs it any prejudices are set aside. The pilots are expected to volunteer and freely access counseling services. However, there has to be a system that identifies pilots at risk and recommend counseling therapy. In any case, the mental counseling services are meant to help pilots concentrate on work and avoid human errors that can cause fatal accidents. Therefore, when grounded there is a need for pilots to understand the need, if asked to seek therapy for their own good.