Sample Aviation Article Review On Transportation Security Administration

Homework Question on Transportation Security Administration

  • Require an article review of the following article:
  • Please review article using the below 5 points:
  1. Discuss the author’s main argument/position and whether you agree/disagree with it. Include your rationale, not simply a review of the article.
  2. Include assumptions made by the author.
  3. Include evidence presented by the author to support argument/position.
  4. Discuss any logical omissions or errors in the author’s argument.
  5. Discuss whether the author’s conclusions were reasonable and if there were alternative conclusions that could be reached based on the evidence presented.

   Homework Answer on Transportation Security Administration

The author primarily aims at providing an overview of transportation security administration (TSA) and its negative effects on aviation security. He further wanted to discuss the benefits of privatized airport screening (Edwards, 2016). The author argues that TSA is highly recognized for security failures, mismanagement, and dubious investments.

The author assumed that TSA activities lack substantial benefits, the key focus of TSA is aviation security, and TSA is a larger organization. He had enough evidence to prove that there was employee mismanagement in TSA. For instance, he indicated that a large sum of money was wasted by the organization on renting costly hotels during the recruitment process. The auditor’s report indicated that there were several disturbing cases of screening failures.TSA management problems emanate from its large workforce that distracts the agency from its main responsibilities in aviation security (Transportation Security Administration, 2016).

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Furthermore, security experts criticized TSA for its failure to allocate their resources according to cost-benefit analyses and comprehensive risk evaluations. The main logical omission or error in the author’s argument is that he failed to explain the significance of TSA to aviation security system. Even though TSA has been experiencing various challenges, it has made many major positive impacts to the aviation security system of the United States.The author’s conclusions were rational based on evidence provided. He suggests that there is a need for privatization of screening airport.