Sample Astronomy Paper On Earth Science and Astronomy

Homework Question on Earth Science and Astronomy

Find and research a current news article in Earth Science and Astronomy,search the news, you will write a short paper summarizing the news article.

Please explain why it is important to our daily life, and clearly explain how the content shows that the two sciences, Earth Science and Astronomy, are related and dependent on one another.

  • Requirements: 2-3 paragraph summary of a current (within the last year) news article on topics in Earth Science and/or Astronomy.
  • Utilizes terms or concepts covered in the course as appropriate.
  • Summarizes article in a way that other students can understand, not just copying from the article itself. Summary is concise, and contains only pertinent details from article related to the course.
  • Relation to Daily Life: clearly addresses how the topics in the news article are important in our daily lives. Gives a few examples of this that other students can relate to.

How Earth Science & Astronomy are used in Article:

  1. Explains how the Earth Science or Astronomy concepts we are learning in class are directly used in, or related to the article. If direct concepts from class are not used, gives an explanation of how what we are learning in class is relevant to the article.
  2. Explains how the content presented from this article can show how Earth Science and Astronomy work together or are dependent on one another.
  • APA Citation & References: Article URL is provided as well as any relevant photos or videos. Appropriate APA in-text citation and APA reference format is used.
  • I must be able to find the article using the url and reference given.

Homework Answer on Earth Science and Astronomy

NASA has considered proposals for new earth science investigation, which will require new instruments (satellites) to be sent in the low-Earth orbit to facilitate tracking of harmful particulate air pollutants and enable the study of the development of tropical cyclones (Buis& Cole, 2016). This initiative will combine astrological and earth science approaches to make significant input towards reducing global warming effect.

NASA has invested much of its resources in research towards reducing global warming effect. Observations of minute atmospheric aerosol through a Multi-Angle Imager will be blended with health information in order to determine toxicity of different particulate matter present in airborne pollutants over the major cities of the world. Earth Venture investigations are part of small but significant ventures that targets scientific investigations that enhance NASA’s bigger missions.

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This will be a significant step since NASA begun Earth System Science Pathfinder, a program that offers innovative approach to earth Science research through provision of periodic opportunities to enable new and emergent scientific priorities. Though human activities have been blamed for climate change, there are natural causes that have significantly influence climatic changes (Buis& Cole, 2016). Variations in the sun shine have alternately led to increase and decrease of the amount of solar energy touching the earth surface.