Sample Astronomy Essays On The Universe and A Grain of Sand

Homework Question on The Universe compared with a Grain of Sand

To date, there have been a number of in-class videos shown, in order to illustrate key concepts and approaches. Choose one of those videos (all linked from the course notes on BB) and address each of the following questions within

  • a clear and concise essay (~1 page, single-spaced)
  •  a short (~5 slide) PowerPoint presentation.

Summarize the video in the context of the course. Be certain to be quantitative.

  1. In what specific ways does the video address the core concepts of science (the core concepts of science are…)?
  2. Construct an analogy for how science works and use the chosen video to illustrate your analogy.
  3.  Comment on what attracted you to discuss that particular video (e.g. “I really enjoyed this video because…” OR “This video really annoyed me because…”).
  4. Suggest specific improvements, particularly improvements that increase the quantitative nature of the video.

Homework Answer on The Universe compared with a Grain of Sand

This video is titled How Big is The Universe compared with a grain of sand? The narrator of the film is Dr. Pete Edwards. Pete postulated that the universe is beyond human mind comprehension of it’s extend. The main reason is that the further an object is the smaller it appears to be than compared to nearer objects. He illustrates this by comparing the size of the distant cathedral to his thumb.

However astronomers have not given up on the quest of finding out how big the universe is. They attempt to do so by the basis of optics laws. This can be illustrated by the relative position of a star to the earth which changes as the sun revolves around the sun like opening and closing the eye. The true position the star canbe acutely estimated through referencing the displacement of the star.The other method is by the use of standard candle stars whose brightness is known thus by determining how bright they appear we can determine how far they are from the earth and their position.

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He explains the concept of light years which is the distance travelled by light moving at aspeed of 3.0 X 108 m/s in an year. He claims that with the unaided eye we can view the Andromeda galaxy and the light from it takes two and a quarter million years to reach the earth. He compared the field of view of the Hubble telescope to be like a sand grain to the visible sky. Heasserts that the noticeable universe comprises a hundred billion galaxies and individuallyhas a 100 billion stars thus argues that there are more stars in the visible universe than the grains of sand on the earth.